Welcome to Azadi — our Rohingya Support Association

We, a group of young friends, who are concerned about the enduring plight of the Rohingya people and the widespread neglect and ignorance of the Rohingya issue by the media and governments, are dedicated to contribute to the betterment of the Rohingya’s lives. We wish for the Rohingya to achieve Azadi, which means freedom in Rohingya language. With freedom, we mean the freedom of the Rohingya to be able to raise their voice and to claim for the recognition of their rights in order to live their lives in dignity.

Through the receipt of donations and membership fees, Azadi directly supports different projects in Malaysia — one of the main receiving countries of Rohingya refugees. As Azadi: Rohingya Support Association is still in the fledgling stage, we act on a small scale. We believe in the small steps that can make a difference for the people in need. Our goal is however, to continuously expand the extent of our work to reach as many affected people as possible.

Thank you very much for dropping by!